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Frequently Asked Questions
What makes you different from other patient advocates offered by the hospital or my insurance company?

Independent Patient Advocates work exclusively for you. Highly educated nurses with a depth of varied clinical experiences, knowledgeable in traditional medicine as well as Alternative, Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Mary has access to an extended network of medical experts and stat-of-the-art research.

How will my you work with my doctor?

I will ask those questions about your care and treatment options that you do not know how to ask and then explains the answers.

I will ensure full communication between all your doctors.

What kind of people do you work with?

Mary works with adolescents to adults of all ages. For themselves or for the people they care about or care for. 

As a private patient advocate Mary protects and empowers those who lack the knowledge and ability to help themselves.

An iRNPA protects your rights and safety during acute illness as well as when your illness is chronic.

What is a Patient advocate?

A Patient Advocate acts as a support structure and if legally contracted to do so may act as a liaison between a patient and their Health Care Provider(s). Most health care professionals see themselves as advocates for their patients; however their time and scope are limited by their job function. The Independent Patient Advocate is a vital instrument for both patient and healthcare providers in the optimal delivery of health care.

The Patient Advocate may be present for health care appointments and alert the Health Care Provider to Patient compliance issues and separately assist the Health Care Provider and support staff with potential issues and communication. The Patient Advocate will maintain communication with the Patient and Health Care Provider to help ensure patient understanding of procedures, thereby reducing fear and increasing patient compliance, resulting in a higher percentage of successful treatment. Generally, a Patient Advocacy contract with a Release of Medical Information must be placed with each healthcare facility.

Why an iRNPA?

In Gallup’s annual survey (2010) that ranks occupations by their perceived honesty and ethical standards, nurses finished as the most trusted profession for the 11th time in 12 years.

The RN Patient Advocacy Program is the only program designed specifically for RNs to become independent patient advocates. Founded by Karen Mercereau, iRNPA

EXPERIENCE: The RN Patient Advocacy Program is offered in association with the University of Arizona, College of Nursing. This unique, highly acclaimed educational program is offered nationally only to exceptionally qualified nurses.
SUPPORT: Your Private Patient Advocate provides you, the patient, the benefits of an extended team of collaborative medical professionals who adhere strictly to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

What is the cost of services?

Initial telephone screening: 20 minutes free

Initial Consult: $300 No obligation

Professional time:$125/hr.

iRNPA services are not currently covered by insurance.