• Channing Frye, NBA player: "Just having Mary in the room made my doctors take more time, be more attentive and explain my medical situation more fully. She helped me understand my diagnosis and all the options for treatment. She was extremely helpful in finding medical practitioners that could offer the treatment approach that I chose. In addition, she helped to coordinate with experts across the country that ultimately got me released back to play the game I love, professional basketball."
  • Diane S: "You are a blessing for us all. How can we every say thank you enough? God bless you, yours & your work."
  • Bruce Mowery: "Navigating today's healthcare environment can be overwhelming for both the patient and the caregiver. During my wife's protracted illness Mary was both a guide and a godsend when called upon to help me make the right medical choices for her needs. Mary has a rare combination of professional training, local knowledge, third-party resources and common sense that gave me the ability to understand healthcare alternatives and make informed decisions about patient care. Her intangibles are just as important: A quick study, she's a great listener, provides honest counsel, identifies actions and follows-through on her commitments. Having Mary on my side gave me the confidence that I needed to make the tough calls under the toughest of circumstances."
  • Ben L: "Mary was an excellent resource and provided constant oversight and assistance before, during and after my surgery. She spent days/hours at the hospital ensuring that I received proper care and to mitigate any potential problems. She is patient, very professional and knowledgeable."
  • Elizabeth A: "My patient advocate has made all the difference in my health care. I wish we would have had this kind of help in the past. I’m sure that my husband would be far better off than he is today as malpractice issues could have been prevented in 1970. Many things were overlooked and many treatments were wrong or just not done correctly in the hospital. And I didn’t know what I didn’t know. As for the present, Mary’s expertise in preparing a health history timeline has been most useful by my physicians. They appreciate being able to see at a glance what would otherwise require study they just don’t have time to do to make a right diagnosis and treatment plan. I appreciate that Mary is so very available to answer questions I have and she never hesitates to communicate directly with my physicians. Medical personnel respect her because she speaks eloquently and clearly in medical terms for a kind of understanding that is not possible for me on my own. Mary is very professional in her work as a registered nurse and she always goes the extra mile-whatever it takes- to get the best possible care for me. And she does so with the utmost care for confidentiality. Knowing what I know now, I would never want to be without the protection of a patient advocate like Mary Aime-Juedes. It’s the best insurance against medical mistakes and over-sites by busy physicians and hospitals. We need all the help we can get at those especially vulnerable times in our lives."
  • Lawrence Koep, MD: "I don’t get involved in marketing, even my own. I do however feel you did a real service to our mutual patient and have a very good business idea. You are good at it and provide a real service, your enthusiasm showed. Good luck. Larry"
  • Susan Wilder, MD: "I have had the great pleasure of working collaboratively with Patient Advocate Mary Aime-Juedes, RN. She excels at organizing and updating complex patient medical histories, coordinating care, and serving as a collaborative patient advocate. Her clinical knowledge is outstanding. She takes extreme care to think through the risk and benefits of many potential options and communicates impeccable with the patient’s medical providers. With health care increasingly fragmented and poorly coordinated, patients are at significant risk of harm, duplication of services, or missing key services. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Aime-Juedes and only wish such specialists were available when my family members needed them."


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